Communications - Service development and management

Leverage the new "multi-screen world" to gain market share

Today's communications services providers (CSPs) companies are driven by a combination of technology trends, including improved network coverage, better mobile bandwidth and the dominance of companion devices like smart phones and tablets. This is changing the way customers use phones—phone services are now expected to be delivered as apps, with the option to move seamlessly between devices.

Internet giants that offer such an experience are chipping away at the traditional telecommunications business. Customer loyalty indicators show a swing from traditional telecommunications providers to new players. To compete, CSPs must deliver a more compelling offering. They need to become more active in all types of app development, convergent entertainment, including IPTV, and enterprise mobility, leveraging their multi-network capability to offer these services seamlessly across various screens.

CGI offers CSPs a portfolio of services based on the latest available technologies and best practices, including:

  • Mobile app development: Efficient tools and methods for rapid mobile application development and testing, with state-of-the art enablers such as biometrics-enabled AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) and device management. Our patent-pending enterprise application integration (EAI) methodology, combined with a broad set of adapters and connectors, accelerate development and reduce cost.
  • IPTV services: A comprehensive range of digital media services with IPTV, including core media platform integration, media app development, design of operations and management of processes. As a certified Microsoft Mediaroom integrator, CGI has years of experience with large IPTV installations, intellectual property development for IPTV platform accelerators, and the development of a number of ready-made IPTV apps.

In addition, CGI has managed many mobility projects across North America and Europe, not only for the communications industry, but also for the finance, health and automotive industries. We also have successfully delivered an end-to-end IPTV integration project for one of the largest IPTV installations in the western hemisphere.