Communications – Resource management

Deliver a superior service while optimizing network resources

Fixed-mobile convergence and the rapid drive to all-IP networks will finally remove the distinctions between fixed and mobile networks. To remain competitive and meet growing customer expectations, communication service providers (CSPs) companies have to adapt their operations, systems and processes to face this pressure.

CSPs also need to reduce the number of errors in service provisioning, the time to fix network or service layer errors, and the amount of manual rework in incident and order management. The only way to achieve all of this is by having access to an up-to-date, always complete and valid view on all network and technology resources.

CGI's unified resource management platform

CGI's resource management solutions and integration services optimize and manage all software (licenses) and network assets.

We help you to develop, document and plan any kind of network and all of its associated assets. CGI empowers you to reap the synergies of convergent networks, such as optimized mobile network backhaul, using insights into the topology and network planning of the fixed fiber network. Solutions such as WorkPro provide operator service managers the information they need about their mobile workforce to quickly and effectively manage their network.

By consolidating resource management systems and processes, CGI helps you to achieve the following::

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce errors in service provisioning and delays and, thereby, the rate of churn
  • Decrease manual re-work in incident management
  • Accelerate error resolution
  • Improve perception of customer service
  • Reduce cost and time for network deployment

CGI has a proven track record of delivering resource management and network documentation solutions based on leading software platforms. Our seasoned practitioners work closely with clients to understand their challenges and environments and to deliver solutions that perfectly suit their requirements.

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