Communications - Product lifecycle management

Enabling CSPs to gain competitive advantage with multi-channel convergence

The communications industry continues to evolve in the face of converging technologies, market uncertainty, shrinking product lifecycles and tougher competition. There's an increased focus on customer loyalty and indirect sales through partners. All this has resulted in accelerated product launches, an increase in the complexity and volume of offerings, product bundling, price cuts and personalized product variants.

CGI's product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions help communication service providers (CSPs) companies adapt to this changing environment by moving away from traditional, segmented product silos to a multi-channel, interactive marketing and sales model. We transform every aspect of PLM, streamlining product definition, offer configuration and quotation management for today's converged channels.

Our product lifecycle management capabilities

CGI's PLM provides services enabling CSPs to transform their marketing organization, product definition, offer configuration and quotation management in the new convergent area.

    • PLM methodology: Accelerates the transformation of your marketing organization using a campaign toolkit with pre-defined processes, an extensive campaign catalog, and customer lifecycle analysis. This methodology applies to any campaign management system on the market and delivers:
      • Increased return on marketing investment
      • Asset centralization and versioning
      • Raised efficiency in customer marketing teams
      • Better campaign transformation rates
      • More cross-channel consistency / better customer experience
      • Lower contact channel costs
      • Accelerated time to market for marketing campaigns
      • Better usage of in-depth customer knowledge
      • End-to-end monitoring and reporting

Our effectiveness is based on our end-to-end experience of marketing processes in telecommunications from design to implementation and on numerous successful projects.

  • Product marketing: Proven solutions such as CGI's OCAS - Operator Call Analysis System optimize product marketing strategies and functions, resulting in the following advantages:
    • Optimized marketing performance
    • Improved customer experience
    • Better return on marketing investment
    • Improved centralizing and versioning of assets
    • Lower time to market for campaigns and improved campaign-to-sales ratios
    • Reduced cost per contact channel and increased cross-channel consistency
  • Offer and quotation management: Solutions such as our Time and Charge Delivery System as well as solutions created with leading software partners like Cameleon, Oracle and Tibco, to name a few, to improve channel productivity and reduce time to market for new and modified products.