Communications – Infrastructure management

Reduce infrastructure costs with high performance, highly scalable and secure cloud architecture

Communication services providers (CSPs) companies are approaching the next wave of data center and IT infrastructure optimization. As the same time, the potential of server virtualization, blade architectures and data center consolidation is approaching its limits. Many CSPs are looking at cloud computing as the best solution for these particular challenges. The question, however, is how to set up a CSP cloud that is secure, offers unlimited scalability and is cost effective.

CGI offers an advanced cloud management platform on which all CSP applications and services can run. It's designed for CSPs that need to rapidly innovate and gain more flexibility from their infrastructures.

CGI's cloud platform is the next evolution of hardware, going far beyond server virtualization and even dedicated cloud environments. While offering unlimited scalability, our platform significantly reduces the need to set up a dedicated cloud environment.

Advantages of CGI's cloud management framework and services

CGI's advanced cloud framework and services gives you the power to design, provision and scale your infrastructure and applications as your needs change in a highly secure, robust and flexible environment. Among the many advantages it provides are the following.

  • Limitless scalability: To cope with business expansion and the resultant amounts of customer data, CSPs can scale for likely demand and leave the processing of peak demand to "overflow clouds" that can be allocated on demand. This dramatically reduces the cost of data centers and hardware, while offering limitless scalability and flexibility.
  • Utmost openness and flexibility: CGI's cloud management framework and services connects to virtually any cloud environment—the CSPs private cloud, CGI's secure cloud or public clouds, as long as there is a commercial contact with the cloud provider.
  • High adaptability: The allocation of applications to specific cloud environments or even dedicated servers connected to the cloud management platform is fully configurable with rules. The cloud management platform can be offered as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or onsite.
  • Functionality: In addition to providing an open, flexible and highly adaptable cloud service, the CGI's cloud management platform also offers the services needed to orchestrate the service provisioning and billing for the services the cloud provides. CGI implements the service orchestration – and provisioning as well as billing for the services provided by the cloud using our Tapestry orchestration and Tapestry billing solutions.

CGI's cloud management framework and services give you the opportunity to improve not only your own internal processes but to offer services to customers above and beyond bandwidth and connectivity, both of which have become commoditized in recent years.