Communications – End-to-end system transformation

Driving competitiveness through cost-effective business support systems

Excellent service is key to achieving customer loyalty. This includes delivering "first time right" with "zero delay" consistently across all channels, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of your customers' expectations, and continuously offering innovative services that are essential to retaining your customers. However, your current business support systems may not be helping you to meet these critical needs. Most front and back offices function as separate entities. Information systems are duplicated per product line (e.g., fixed and mobile), and customer information is either unknown or not shared.

Communications service providers (CSPs) that attempt to tackle the problem by introducing new systems frequently fail after spending millions on large-scale system transformation projects. What is needed is cost-effective, end-to-end transformation.

Business support systems to meet your challenges

CGI offers end-to-end, pre-integrated business support systems that drive efficiencies and shorten time to market in a cost efficient manner. We also provide comprehensive application management and upgrade services, as well as efficient and incremental business and data migration that follows the priorities of the business, rather than the technology.

Our experience includes numerous successful CSP system transformation projects, including setting up the biggest Swiss mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in just 11 weeks.

CSP and MVNO transformation

For CSPs, CGI offers an agile and efficient communications system supported by Oracle's Application Integration Architecture that manages customer management, billing, sales and offer management, order orchestration, and product catalogs. In addition, we created underlying code and integration processes, enabling us to deliver the full solution in nine months or less, depending on your configuration and customization needs.

For MVNOs, we offer a ready-to-go customer management and ordering system that can be easily integrated with any pre- or post-paid billing platform, including our own Tapestry Billing and order orchestration solutions, within 12 weeks. We also offer this as a managed service—a complete, hassle free, "pay as you use" model that includes hosting and application management through our data centers.

Benefits of our end-to-end system transformation services

CGI's end-to-end system transformation services deliver the following benefits to our clients:

  • All you need: Comprehensive functionality working across all product lines (e.g., fixed, mobile, TV) and seamless business processes working across all customer touch points
  • A full 360o customer view of the customer and all transactions creating a single version of the truth
  • Fast time-to-market: Rapid offer design and product launch
  • Ready to go: World-class software (Oracle) that is fully pre-integrated and delivers end-to-end business support processes
  • Rapid deployment: Because of the pre-integrated, ready-to-go nature of our solutions, we can deploy more quickly, more efficiently and with much less risk than many competitor transformation programs (Our incremental migration service, steered by your business priorities, ensures the most critical processes are successfully migrated with the highest priority.)
  • "Pay as you use" model: A hosted and managed service that minimizes CAPEX