Communications – Assurance

Minimize payment defaults, operational risks and disruptions

The telecommunications industry continues to face increasing payment delinquency and losses, fluctuating market conditions and shrinking customer loyalty. Companies need to rigorously manage both cash flow and operational costs to compete. This, in turn, involves effectively managing technology, operations and third parties. There is a need for a single version of the truth, integrated data and applications, greater flexibility, more scalability, and advanced analytics and reporting.

Interactions with external data/service providers also have to be streamlined and optimized. This applies not only to retailers but also to wholesale carriers, who face even bigger challenges because of complex contracts and exploding traffic volumes.

CGI fully understands these challenges and is working with communications service providers (CSPs) companies to save millions of dollars through effective assurance solutions that improve customer insight analytics and collections management.

The solution: Improve operational efficiency

CGI's assurance solutions are designed to help CSPs more effectively manage technology, reduce costs and gain operational efficiencies. Our solutions include:

  • CGI Collections360®: A comprehensive default management solution that covers all stages of collections, including loss mitigation and recovery management. It can be run either onsite or as a managed service.
  • Wholesale profitability: An end-to-end approach to wholesale profitability management, increasing productivity, securing end-to-end commercial transactions and reducing costs
  • Credit risk: A combination of consulting and technology services to deliver a complete, end-to-end credit risk and collection solution.
  • Reference systems: Instant access to data that is frequently required by customers and service staff.

Benefits of our assurance solutions

Through our intellectual property and dedicated experts, we've achieved a very high delivery success rate for our clients. Our expertise includes wholesale management—a very specific domain that has a major bottom-line impact and where real experts are scarce.

Benefits of our comprehensive assurance solutions include the following:

  • Reduced delinquency (10%+ increase in collections) and credit losses (10-20% reduction in money charged off)
  • Reduced operating costs (by 10-12%) while adding value
  • Savings of millions of dollars over the contract period (typically about five years)
  • Minimized operational risks and disruptions
  • Improved insights into customer behavior, driving more effective collections practices

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