Hi Charlotta - I enjoyed reading your article and agree in principle that cashless even though sounds exciting cannot totally wipe the cash driven transactions out of the payments ecosystem.
Coming to your point regarding the unbanked segment, there is a shift in terms of how they transact with cash, technically based on the experience I have from banking industry that the "x" we all try to solve in terms of prepaid cards. The issuance of which requires some basic KYC and with limits in place offers this "unbanked" segment a proxy bank account. Having said that their pay cheques, transactions then eventually get transformed into cashless society and an inclusive way of inducting this segment into the broader payments ecosystem. I will like to know your thoughts around solving for this unbanked segment and where it will lead us in the journey of becoming truly cashless?
**Views are my personal and do not represent any of my employers/ clients or organizations I worked with**

Submitted by Ashish Madan on September 30, 2019

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