Compensation and benefits in CGI

CGI pays particular attention to the compensation, benefits and working conditions we offer. All of these are reviewed regularly based on our professionals’ interests and needs and competitive market conditions.

CGI offers to its members a comprehensive program of optional employee benefits managed through web-based application which is supported 24 hours a day. Our members have the opportunity, within a given budget, to use a variety of services and products in the fields of sport, culture, travel, health or education. CGI also supports flexible working hours and occasional homeoffice.

Global ownership programs:

  • Share purchase plan - From our founding, CGI has operated based on the strong belief that our success comes from the strength and commitment of our shareholder members. CGI will match your contribution dollar for dollar, up to the determined maximum. In addition, an additional amount corresponding to a set percentage of your salary can be invested in CGI shares.
  • Profit participation plan - You'll participate in the rewards that come from CGI's growth; this plan distributes a portion of our profits based on the achievement of CGI’s financial objectives and taking into consideration individual performance.

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