U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Integrated financial management system

Through their partnership with CGI and the implementation of the company’s Momentum® solution, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) replaced multiple legacy financial systems with one integrated, consolidated enterprise management information system that enables more efficient, streamlined business processes.

The challenge
From nuclear power plants to physician offices utilizing x-ray machines, every organization and individual wishing to use nuclear materials must submit an application and licensing fee to the NRC for review. In accordance with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, the fees must generate about 90 percent of NRC’s revenue. Fee tracking, collection, and accounting had become burdensome given strict financial legislation and multiple accounting functions operating on different systems. NRC required an integrated financial management system that met federal standards, increased efficiency, and streamlined business processes.

How CGI helped
NRC tasked CGI with implementing Momentum® Federal Financials, a commercial off the shelf (COTS) product, as the basis for the consolidated system. CGI’s 60+ member team partnered with NRC to determine requirements, configure the system, convert legacy data, and conduct testing and user training. On-time and on-budget, the system went live just 16 months later, on the first day of FY2011. The new core financial system, known as the Financial Accounting Integrated Management Information System (FAIMIS), replaced more than 12 stand-alone legacy financial systems and enables nearly 600 budget analysts and clerical and accounting staff to access NRC’s entire financial operation on a single, corporate system.

After implementation, the FAIMIS includes modules for accounts payable and receivable, budget execution, cost accounting, fixed assets, general ledger, license fee billing, purchase card, purchasing, and travel accounting. In addition, the consolidated system achieved the following:

  • Added the capability to meet current and future financial reporting requirements through a federally-compliant, user-friendly, transparent, efficient COTS system
  • Increased efficiency by reducing the number of systems staff must navigate
  • Increased data integrity through consolidated functionality and processes
  • Provided the ability to interface with other agency systems, such as Department of Treasury, to help with funds disbursement and collection and grants management.

Moving forward, CGI will continue to work with the NRC to provide help desk support and to roll out system enhancements as new requirements arise.

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