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Our clients across the globe, our diverse and leading technologies, and the varied industries in which we work provide a wide range of challenging and exciting careers. We welcome you to search our career opportunities to discover them all and register for career alerts to not miss a great opportunity.



Our business and technical analysts evaluate our clients' operations and systems and lay out requirements and recommendations for evolving their businesses to meet new demands.



CGI architects design, build and integrate technology infrastructures, systems and applications to advance our clients' business agendas.

Business developer

CGI's business development roles span from marketing and sales to business engineering, and involve pursuing and building long-term client relationships.
intel pract

Business intelligence practitioner

Our business intelligence practitioners help clients improve their decision making by turning data into information and information into knowledge through advanced business intelligence technologies and thought leadership.


CGI business and technical consultants help our clients develop and implement effective enterprise-wide strategies and solutions to achieve their business objectives and benefit from emerging technologies.

Corporate professional

Challenging corporate roles are available in diverse areas such as human resources, finance, technology, marketing, communications, quality management, legal and more.
cust serv helpdesk

Customer service / helpdesk professional

CGI customer service professionals support a wide range of industries and solutions, helping clients to get the advice and support they need and resolve issues quickly.

Document support personnel

Our document support personnel help improve clients' operating environments by managing digital and printing documents.

Enterprise resource planning practitioner

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) professionals help clients implement, integrate and manage leading and proprietary ERP packages to drive performance through more effective resource planning.


CGI's management team formulates and executes our business strategy and priorities, providing the vision and direction required to achieve our strategic goals. In addition, management embraces our clients’ objectives and ensures the delivery of high-quality services as well as supports their team members in achieving their career goals.

Payroll professional

CGI’s payroll professionals help clients by providing turnkey solutions that improve clients’ productivity and reduce costs related to payroll management.
proj mngr

Project manager

CGI project managers provide leadership and guidance in overseeing internal and client projects across our operations by using a rigorous methodology that provides for on-time, on-budget project delivery and service excellence.

Software engineer

Our software engineers design, develop, test and evaluate innovative software solutions for clients in a wide range of industries.