Canada oil and gas

Building an integrated, efficient energy industry

The global oil and gas industry is going through a vast transformation. Lower oil prices and competition from affordable alternate energy sources are here to stay.

CGI has dedicated the last 30 years to partnering with oil and gas companies, helping them modernize their businesses and realize greater efficiency and profitability through technology and services. We are working with Canada’s most competitive energy businesses to implement Digital Transformation across lines of business, and at the pace that makes sense.

Technology provides a key means for organizations looking to reduce operations costs, uncover production insight, enhance workforce productivity and support efficient regulatory compliance.

Addressing complexities of today and the future
CGI’s ongoing technology development is focused on reducing IT maintenance costs and speeding up implementation with cloud-based solutions delivered as software as a service (SaaS).

In addition to evolving and supporting some of the industry’s most trusted current applications, CGI is actively developing new Exploration2Revenue (X2R) solutions for an energy industry growing increasingly competitive. Our solutions for Canada are designed to help energy businesses manage their upstream back office with greater cost efficiency, insight, and agility. We measure our impact in how we help clients reduce operations costs, uncover production insight, enhance workforce productivity and achieve efficient regulatory compliance.

Industry proven services

With a team of more than 200 energy experts in Canada, and hundreds more energy specialists on our global team, CGI supports oil and gas clients with solutions and services from exploration all the way through retail. They include high-end business and IT (digital) consulting, systems integration, transformational outsourcing to enable businesses to run or change more quickly and efficiently, and software solutions that operate as a digital business.

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