Explore life at CGI

Our intrapreneurial culture empowers you to make a difference

CGI offers a challenging and dynamic workplace where the experience and knowledge of its members are recognized and valued as a fundamental part of the success of the company. We provide our members with an environment focused on their well-being, enabling them to realize their full potential and their career aspirations.

Our members drive innovation.

We strongly believe that the experience and expertise of our members is invaluable. That’s why we implemented CGI’s Innovation, Creativity & Experimentation (ICE) program. ICE provides a platform for harnessing new ideas from our members and identifying ideas that will best benefit our stakeholders. Through ICE, innovations are advanced through internal, cross-company collaboration and co-funding that take ideas from conception to implementation.

We care about what you think.

CGI’s Member Satisfaction Assessment Program (MSAP), a component of our Management Foundation, fosters dialogue between managers and members, drives timely action plans and addresses key challenges. The MSAP is part of an ongoing effort to ensure the CGI dream is part of our culture and everyday activities. It provides the opportunity for open and honest dialogue and for members at all levels of the organization to participate in the life of the company and its evolution.

We believe that members should be included in the development of their company.  As part of our annual strategic planning process, we invite members to provide input on our strategic direction, key priorities and ongoing initiatives. Our members’ daily interactions with clients and other members provide them with a unique perspective on opportunities to grow our business and to operate it more efficiently and effectively.

We believe in recognizing a job well done.

Members drive our success, and we encourage, celebrate and reward their contributions. Our recognition programs at the global, country and business unit levels honor both individuals and teams for delivering excellence and making a difference.

Below are just a few of the recognition awards we offer our members:

Gives members the opportunity to thank fellow colleagues for their commitment to CGI’s values and excellent work via our intranet platform.

Allows members to go beyond thanking fellow colleagues by awarding them with Vipass gift cheques for their contributions and support.

Given by business unit leadership to members and teams who are role models and exemplify the CGI values.

Recognizes career milestones of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service.

Recognizes members whose contributions have generated outstanding results in terms of CGI’s profitability and growth such as:

  • Developing new services and solutions that have led to our expansion in geographies, industries or market sectors
  • Providing outstanding client service, enabling us to build and sustain long-term partnerships
  • Implementing major changes in how we run our business

Your health and wellness come first.

We value our members and are committed to maintaining a culture that promotes their health and wellness on an ongoing basis through various programs and initiatives. 

Four key programs that demonstrate this commitment include the following:

CGI members in Canada can take advantage of CGI/FLEX, a flexible insurance plan with a full range of benefits to suit each member’s lifestyle.

Our Member Assistance Program offers members and their families counselling and support services to help them with personal or professional challenges. All services are free and strictly confidential.

Oxygen is CGI’s worldwide health and wellness program. Its priority is to support members in their efforts to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Oxygen is at the forefront of best practices in workplace health and wellness and uses proven strategies to meet the needs and interests of all members.

Oxygen provides the following and more:

  • Flexible health credits
  • Online health information and resources
  • Access to kinesiology services and gyms in many locations

Watch this video that shows how Oxygen provides support to a number of members every year as part of the One Destination activity.

CGI organizes and provides financial support for social activities in order to strengthen relationships among our members.