Get to know our DNA

We are team builders

Joining CGI gives you the opportunity to collaborate, build and succeed as part of a team of 74,000 professionals worldwide, serving 5,000 clients from hundreds of locations worldwide.

As one team, we share the challenges and rewards that come from building a world-class company and collaborate closely to share our knowledge and expertise. Our success is based on the competence, enthusiasm and commitment of our team, as we work together to bring the best of CGI to our clients.

For us, it’s more than a mission. We have a dream.

CGI, like most companies, has a mission, but we go a step beyond. We also have a company dream:

To create an environment in which our members enjoy working together and as owners, contribute to building a company they can be proud of.

We strive to create an environment where our professionals enjoy working together and feel empowered, as owners, to build their company and grow their careers.

Our professionals are more than employees.

From our founding, CGI has operated based on a strong belief that our success comes from the talent and commitment of our professionals. We view and treat them as more than just employees; we consider them company owners. In fact, we call our professionals “members” based on our philosophy of ownership and intrapreneurship. As owners, all members benefit from the value we collectively create, and most of us are CGI shareholders.

CGI's unique ownership programs, which reinforce this concept, include the following:

  • Share purchase plan: CGI will match your contributions dollar for dollar, up to a pre-determined maximum. Additional amounts corresponding to a set percentage of your salary also can be invested in CGI shares.
  • Profit participation plan: This plan distributes a portion of our profits to members based on the achievement of CGI’s growth objectives and takes into consideration individual performance.

Did you know

  • CGI is a Canadian company founded in 1976.
  • We have more than 10,000 professionals in Canada from coast to coast.

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We provide the roadmap you need to be successful.

We are committed to helping our members succeed. Our Management Foundation is an integral part of the onboarding process and guides our members throughout their careers. The Management Foundation encompasses the key elements that define and direct the management of our company. It lays out our dream, vision, mission, values, goals and objectives, as well as our business and governance models. In addition, it encompasses our enterprise policies, frameworks and processes and outlines a common set of operational principles and measurements.

Our legacy of success provides long-term career opportunities.

For 40 years, CGI members have worked together to drive our long-term growth and profitability. CGI’s legacy is the result of meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders, including satisfying our clients’ business needs, providing rewarding careers for our members, and generating profitable returns for our shareholders. We plan to continue to this legacy of success, providing our members with long-term career opportunities that fulfill their professional aspirations.