Develop a career path

We give you the freedom to drive your career

CGI is a learning organization. We strongly believe that recruiting and retaining the best talent means that we must consistently adapt to the changing realities of our workforce.  We believe that learning is not an event; it’s a continual process.

As professionals, we learn every day informally from our experiences and interactions and formally through the training programs in which we participate.  CGI members are active participants in the learning process from day one, which helps them to identify and develop the right career path.

Buddy program

Our “Buddy Program” creates a supportive learning experience for new members in our organization by:

  • Educating them about CGI’s operations and culture
  • Providing them with support in their career path development
  • Introducing them to valuable resources and tools for managing their work and growing their careers
  • Demonstrating CGI’s values, as well as effective communication, leadership and team-building skills

Annual career development planning

To help guide you on your career path, CGI’s annual career development planning process gives you the opportunity to share your career interests and aspirations with your manager. We also provide members with tools and resources to help them map out a customized learning journey and to continue learning day by day. Your career development plan is continuously updated based on your career goals and CGI’s business needs.


CGI provides numerous learning opportunities and resources through Skillport, an online learning forum available to all CGI members 24/7.  Through Skillport, members have access to books, courses, videos and other resources that cover a wide range of technology, business and professional development topics.

We provide the training you need to become a leader.

As you progress in your career and seek to become a leader, we provide another level of learning to support your development and success.

For all new managers, we developed a seminar called CGI 101. Sponsored by our Leadership Institute, CGI 101 is a fast track program on understanding CGI from A to Z through executive presentations, hands-on case studies and networking exercises.

CGI’s Learning Centre of Expertise has designed learning frameworks to support the development needs of members serving in the Director of Consulting Services (DCS) role. The training focuses on four areas of knowledge critical to the DCS role, including client relationship and business development, service delivery, operations management, and team and member management.

The Leader’s Edge program is geared toward managers and other leaders as they transition from working as individual contributors to serving as task/team leads and from task/team leads to project or program managers. This program, which covers key topics such as finance, recruiting, performance management and more, is well regarded by both new and experienced managers.

Our Project Leadership Program is designed to provide the knowledge base and resources for building project management capabilities and ensuring the success of our projects. The Project Leadership Program offers learning modules such as:

  • CGI Engagements: Aims to establish a strong foundation for proactively managing project risks to increase the probability of project success.
  • Project Manager Career Path: Targets business professionals new to project management who want to enhance their existing skills or obtain or maintain credentials.
  • Finance Fundamentals Module 1 and Module 2: Module 1 supports our leaders in understanding CGI financial statements, business plans and internal financial communications, such as finance terminology used at Town Hall meetings, the Annual Tour, etc. Module 2 supports our leaders in managing projects in accordance with CGI frameworks, ensuring they comply with the right accounting and contractual policies and properly oversee day-to-day financial activities for their projects.
  • Contracts: Aims to provide guidance on the life cycle of an engagement, from pre-proposal evaluation to project delivery.
  • Quality: Covers our different management frameworks and their respective objectives.