Industry-specific services

Combining business consulting and industry expertise to address your specific needs

Driving innovation, reducing costs and improving operations are strategic business imperatives. At CGI, we are passionate about helping our clients succeed no matter the opportunities and challenges they face. CGI offers industry-specific business consulting services that draw upon our decades of experience, management know-how and innovative technology and business solutions.

Focused industry expertise

  • Financial services – CGI has deep experience in helping banks and insurance companies in the ongoing evolution of their businesses and through major transformation projects. Our consulting services center on implementing new control and regulatory changes; driving alignment between business and IT strategy, thereby streamlining costs; and supporting transformational programs with change, organization and process consulting specialists.
  • Government – CGI business consultants work with our public sector clients to address the challenge of transforming government in the midst of having to reduce costs while improve the quality of services. We partner with governments in the strategic planning required to optimize programs and back-office operations, including a particular focus on the areas of cloud, cybersecurity, e-government and digitalization, collections and fraud management.
  • Health – With decades of experience in partnering with public and private health organizations, CGI has developed a deep understanding of the issues, environments and regulatory demands facing our clients, including ever-evolving standards for sharing health information. As a result, our dedicated health practice helps clients anticipate challenges and achieve real transformation by addressing business and policy issues in parallel with technology for better engagement, adoption and results.
  • Manufacturing – From globalization and volatile demand to increased customer expectations and government oversight, we help companies successfully navigate tremendous change. CGI offers an end-to-end approach to consulting, from upstream to downstream management. Services include corporate transformation, performance management, cost reduction and value creation, supply chain optimization, excellence in operations, risk and regulatory management, ERP and CRM transformation, multi-channel commerce and more.
  • Oil and gas – In the face of increasing demand, fluctuating prices, geo-political uncertainty and competition for access to reserves, oil and gas companies are using technology to transform their upstream and downstream operations. CGI works with our oil and gas clients to extract more value from every aspect of the hydrocarbon supply chain—from increasing reserve output, to maximizing assets, to managing distribution networks more efficiently and sustainably, to achieving retail operational excellence.
  • Post and logistics – Addressing increased competition and shifting consumer demands are among the top priorities of our clients. We develop innovative business models for existing and new services and deliver new products and business development consulting services.
  • Retail and consumer services – To compete and win, clients seek adaptive strategies that strengthen their traditional markets while embracing new, value-added services, multichannel solutions and optimized supply chains. CGI has a wealth of operational experience in working with retailers to enhance their operations at the point of sale, develop customer relationships, leverage leading e-commerce and multichannel systems, and more at a global scale.
  • Communications – Innovation is the top imperative for providers in all telecom and media sectors. With CGI business consulting services, clients identify and enter new markets while improving operational efficiency to regain and advance market share. Our experts work across the entire telecommunications value chain to help clients streamline their operations while implementing new products and services with efficiency and speed.
  • Transportation – Achieving profitable growth and managing costs are key priorities for our clients. CGI helps organizations build and implement the strategy for streamlining operations, improving regulatory compliance and optimizing the supply chain. We also consult on new product and business development initiatives that enhance the passenger experience and attract and retain more passengers through mutli-device solutions that improve and manage such areas as journey planning and self-service check-in.
  • Utilities – The utilities industry is going through tremendous change, needing to manage costly and decentralized energy sources while adapting to changing consumption requirements and regulations. With deep experience in the utilities and energy market, CGI experts work alongside clients in a variety of areas, including determining procurement strategies, reviewing maintenance processes, developing new marketing solutions and integrating new services for energy efficiency.