Business transformation

Maximize your business investments

Successful organizations employ high performing people who are supported by the right culture, structures, processes and technology to enable them to succeed. Through our business transformation services, CGI helps organizations put strategies in place that allow them to adapt to change and maximize the investments they've made in their staff and systems.

Key business transformation services

  • Enterprise risk management – Our business consulting experts focus on risk management in five major areas—operational, financial, legal, social, and environment, health and safety—to define an overall approach to increase the effectiveness of your systems in responding to regulatory requirements and creating value for your enterprise.
  • Financial management – Your financial management processes and systems are vital to orchestrating the correct behaviors and performance. CGI helps clients develop a solid financial culture that quickly adapts to new needs, such as the organizational changes following an acquisition, and spreads a common culture for areas such as cash management, budget monitoring and forecasting. We also offer revenue assurance benchmarking, health check and process improvement services, as well as credit diagnostic analysis and credit risk management services.
  • Human capital management – CGI helps clients put in place the organizational structure, culture and practices that enable them to drive higher business performance. We work with you to maximize your investment in your people, identify areas for improvement, and implement performance-driving strategies through such services as organizational design, culture and change management, talent and resourcing optimization, leadership development, and HR technology and analytics.
  • Operational efficiency – We help clients increase operational efficiency throughout their business and technology environments. With CGI business consultants, we help you engage in a holistic strategy that defines, measures and tracks key performance indicators inside and outside their enterprise.
  • Supply chain management – As organizations outsource more and more parts of their business, the ecosystem in which they manage their company must be well managed and interconnected. Through services such as supply chain network planning, operational intelligence and asset management, we help clients optimize their procurement processes and service delivery and effectively manage assets that control costs and improve time-to-market.
  • Research and development – The performance of your company's R&D organization is one of the most essential factors to your overall success. Changing consumer cycles, the proliferation of technology opportunities, and the concentration of competitors requires faster time-to-market. Our experts help clients analyze performance and rethink decision-making models to boost and operationalize innovation. We help organizations move away from traditional matrix management models to dynamic, better performing collaborative networks that provide the adaptive structure needed to successfully manage complex programs.