Acting as a single source of truth, Ratabase Data Validator is a run-time tool that enables Ratabase users to make preliminary edits and lookups prior to the actual process of rating.

Providing data examination and verification

Data Validator enables the validation of input values against rate table key values and the verification of the existence of formulas. It also provides a method to retrieve keys and values from Ratabase tables.

Eliminating the need to maintain information in more than one place, Data Validator allows access to Ratabase Production rating information without requiring the Ratabase Calculator. Front-end applications can now access the Ratabase Production database to verify the accuracy of input rating data, as well as provide consistency in drop-down selection lists.

Data Validator not only reduces the maintenance of data element synchronicity, but also eliminates errors in the rating process by validating the existence of key table values and formulas prior to rating.

Data Validator can validate one or many fields, retrieve all or part of rate table data and retrieve rate table structure information, providing expanded functionality that can be incorporated into business processing systems.