Pricing and product innovation are key to success for insurance carriers in an increasingly disrupted marketplace. Ratabase drives both, putting the best tool in your hand for changing your pricing and products as fast as the market demands.

The ‘gold standard’ in insurance rating

With more successful installations than any other solution in the industry (100+), CGI’s Ratabase is the premier rating and rules engine in insurance today. Ratabase is a rating and product configuration solution that enables insurance agents and consumers to generate policy price quotes in real time. It provides actuaries and business analysts with a collection of sophisticated modeling tools to keep pace with the latest marketplace trends and pressures in determining insurance rates.

Ratabase helps insurance carriers:

  • Save: Reduce the effort and cost to maintain rating and rules
  • Sprint: Move your business from “a walk to a run” by speeding time to market and quickly pivoting to meet changing conditions
  • Simplify: Build once and deploy to any environment: Cloud, Windows, Midrange or Mainframe
  • Spark: Innovate with a rating engine that can handle any pricing scenario, no matter how complex