It’s a matter of trust. When you conduct business in person, by phone or over the web, you trust that every customer is using valid identification and representing themselves legitimately. But, with every transaction, there is a risk of identity theft, as well as risks to your company’s data and other assets. How do you protect your customers and business without the ability to confirm the identity of the individuals and companies with whom you do business?

With Identicate, CGI’s real-time identity fraud and authentication solution, you can know instantly whether a transaction can be trusted. Blending seamlessly with your existing business processes, Identicate helps protect your organization from identity fraud and theft. No matter how your customers interact with you, you can trust the validity of every interaction.

A solution for all industries

Identicate can be used across sectors, including, but not limited to, banking, insurance, government, health, retail and telecommunications.

Customizable and scalable, it provides complete identity authentication for the following transactions and more:

  • Secure and safe access to customer accounts (e.g., bank, brokerage, 401(k), government, retail, medical, pharmaceutical)

  • Acceptance of online loan applications

  • Customer service transactions, including account password resets or service order requests

  • Issuance of identification credentials

  • Delivery of documents or payments to a customer

  • Acceptance of online census information

  • Processing of electronic votes

  • Secure access to medical records and other confidential information

  • Acceptance of electronic signatures on legal documents

  • Confirmation of customer demographics prior to controlled or sensitive transaction types

  • Know your customer (KYC) processes