Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a valuable and strategic business tool for trade finance companies. APIs give an organization access to data and functions and make them available for general use across the enterprise. They drive efficiencies and promote agility.

CGI now offers out-of-the-box APIs that simplify integration with the CGI Trade360 platform. More than 50 pre-defined and well-documented XML messages facilitate incoming and outgoing integration. These messages are delivered through an asynchronous messaging architecture built upon the IBM WebSphere MQ platform and provide near real-time and guaranteed delivery to a bank's upstream and downstream systems.

Front- and back-office integration

The CGI Trade360 Portal and its back-office Transaction Processing System (TPS) are fully integrated “out of the box” using the above-mentioned portal integration APIs. This loose technical coupling through APIs also supports easy integration of other portals to TPS, as well as the integration of CGI Trade360 Portal to other back-office systems.

Omni-channel support

CGI Trade360 APIs support omni-channel delivery. They bring the power of CGI Trade360 portal services to your corporate portal, mobile applications and API platforms.

Key benefits

  • Asynchronous messaging architecture provides loose coupling between Trade360 and client banks
  • Standard XML interfaces available “out of the box” for common backoffice applications
  • Real-time message delivery to support next generation back-office systems
  • Guaranteed “only-once” delivery with confirmations
  • Constant monitoring of queue depths and connectivity to quickly identify problems
  • Specs and schemas for all messages to speed implementation