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CGI Centaur

An all-in-one risk management platform delivering fraud detection, transactions screening and customer due diligence capabilities

CGI Centaur is a versatile and complex financial crime and risk management platform. It provides real‑time monitoring and big data analysis for customer activities and identifies potential fraud. 


  • Real-time data scanning is a must for successful fraud prevention - People today are sensitive about their security. Repetitive fraud will eventually lead to the loss of customers and revenue decline. Further, institutions are required to implement anti-fraud measures by law. If they fail to provide clear evidence that measures have been implemented based on the latest compliance requirements, they will face formal investigation, with the possibility of heavy fines.
  • Smart solution for any financial institution - We provide an out-of-the-box solution that can be integrated within any bank environment and can begin AML detection in a surprisingly short time while providing outstanding quality. The CGI Centaur CDD module manages customer data and activities using modern delta screening algorithms and intelligent re-scoring algorithms. This smart solution significantly reduces total cost of ownership.
  • Online processing of customer transactions - CGI Centaur is able to process all customer transactions online and suspend suspicious transactions while submitting them for investigation. Sources and destinations are further analyzed. In addition, behavioral profiles are calculated and then used to detect divergences potentially leading to money laundering activities.

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