Effective recovery accounting is essential to strategic and outcome-driven collections management. CGI’s CACS Enterprise—an industry-leading collections and recovery solutions suite—includes a Recovery Accounting module that addresses today’s key recovery accounting challenges, driving results and competitive advantage.


Does your current recovery accounting system deliver the following?

  • Management of charge-off and partial charge-down accounts
  • Tracking of all charge-offs through a single system
  • Tracking of all collection costs, even if they cannot be collected from the customer
  • Support for Basel II guidelines governing tracking loss and recovery components, including amounts recovered, source of recovery (e.g., collateral, liquidation proceeds, guarantees), and administrative costs
  • Reduced costs of ownership and operations for recoveries
  • Account-level recovery statistics to improve recovery score calculations

CGI’s CACS Recovery Accounting solution handles all of the above and more, transforming recovery accounting, improving performance and saving costs.