Corporate governance

Biographies of board members

nb: equity ownership is given as of December 12, 2016

André Imbeau

  • Director related to CGI, complies with share ownership guideline
  • Age 67
  • Beloeil, Quebec, Canada
  • Director since 1976
  • Class A subordinate voting shares: 268,558 (*)
  • Class B shares: 4,275,659 (*)
  • Stock options: 40,005(‡)

Mr. Imbeau co-founded CGI in 1976 and was, until July 2006, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer and, until July 2015, Founder, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Corporate Secretary. He now acts as Founder and Member of the Board of Directors, and is therefore a related director. Mr. Imbeau holds an interest in the Company’s Class B shares (see the heading Principal Holders of Class A Subordinate Voting Shares and Class B Shares earlier in this document). Mr. Imbeau’s financial and operational expertise and deep understanding of CGI’s operations enables him to provide valuable insight to the Company’s Board of Directors. Mr. Imbeau is currently a director of AtmanCo Inc.

(*) Number of shares beneficially owned, or controlled, or directed, directly or indirectly.
(+) For more information concerning DSUs, please refer to the heading Compensation of Directors in CGI's Notice of Annual Meeting and Information Circular dated December 12, 2016.
(‡) For more information concerning stock options, please refer to the headings Share Option Plan and Compensation of Directors in CGI's Notice of Annual Meeting and Information Circular dated December 12, 2016.