Cheryl Campbell

Listening to our clients and responding with innovation

CGI’s Voice of Our Clients program involves annual, in-person, in-depth interviews with nearly 1,000 clients across our targeted industries. The insight gained from listening to their priorities enables us to continuously drive tangible innovation and build stronger relationships.

In 2015, nearly one-third of the interviews we conducted were with our public sector clients across North America, Europe and Australia. Interviewees from central, federal, state, provincial and local organizations represented a range of mission areas, from agriculture, defense, education and the environment, to health and human services, public safety and space.

These clients identified their top trends as budget pressure, aging infrastructure, aging population, citizen demand for better services, security threats, the digital revolution, and the growing volume and sources of data. In this context, they cited these as their top IT priorities:

  • Maintain legacy systems
  • Drive IT modernization to become more agile and reduce costs
  • Enhance cybersecurity
  • Deliver the benefits of big data
  • Provide digital services to citizens and civil servants
  • Embrace disruptive technology: cloud, Internet of Things, mobility
  • Share information across agencies and ensure interoperability

These drivers are fueling transformation initiatives to do better for less, which means greater reliance on IT as an enabler of agility, insight, self-service and mobility.

Additionally, our clients cited being challenged with reconciling two conflicting objectives:

  • Effectively “running” the business with legacy systems and processes
  • “Changing” the business by building digital organizations and enhancing citizen services

Essential to resolving these conflicts is greater alignment between business and IT: the business needs to better understand how technology can be applied to their program missions, and IT needs to understand program and mission objectives and how to infuse technology for transformation without disrupting services.

Both parties must be open to incorporating innovative practices from other industries. For example, government can look to the financial services industry for new payment processes, or to the transportation industry for new ideas in logistics. Our clients indicate they are open to this kind of cross-industry collaboration.

We believe there are many opportunities to share best practices across levels of government and across industries. We look forward to facilitating this kind of collaboration among our clients.

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