Making effective use of big data has become a top priority for commercial and government organizations. Having worked on many complex data and analytics projects over the years, we have compiled numerous best practices, and developed our Data2Diamonds methodology for the design and implementation of big data analytics solutions. A few years ago, we documented many of our insights and frameworks in a comprehensive book. This year, we drew on recent experiences across the globe to revise and expand the book. We are pleased to be able to share it now with our clients and partners.

“Data to Diamonds: Delivering Valuable Business Insights” serves as a guide to the world of data and analytics. It explains how organizations can use the power of data to improve and innovate, to reach their objectives, and to outperform their competition. It represents the collective capabilities and experience of our data and analytics practice and community, and is part of our thought leadership series providing guidance for information management, business intelligence and analytics. 

The starting point for the new book comes from considering the top objectives and challenges organizations are facing. Our clients tell us that they are challenged to invest in changing the business, while becoming more efficient in running the business. Today, changing the business often involves using the insights gained from data to become a more customer-centered digital organization, where information assets are secured from cyber threats. The ways these challenges are met and goals are reached vary significantly in different industries. Therefore, in “Data to Diamonds,” we highlight the business value realized in a wide range of industries and business functions, featuring case studies derived from CGI client engagements. We also define the core capabilities that all organizations need to succeed in data and analytics initiatives.

Throughout the book, we share our knowledge based on the experiences of the 5,000 CGI professionals who work with clients on data and analytics initiatives every day. Some of these insights and best practices include:

  • A proven framework for implementing or maturing data and analytics functions
  • Keys to understanding the value of data and analytics and what industry peers are doing
  • How to better understand customers’ behavior and preferences
  • Ways to maximize the business value of the data generated by physical assets – via sensors and the Internet of Things
  • How to implement a performance improvement strategy and program
  • Keys to improving the performance of your data and analytics organization
  • Advice for understanding how to manage data using up-to-date techniques and processes
  • Suggestions for modernizing the technology landscape to serve your organizations’ data and analytics needs
  • Guidance for ensuring your customers’ trust by protecting their data and respecting their privacy.

Interested parties may preview an extract of the book here, and clients and partners may request it here. We look forward to continuing to help clients turn their data into diamonds. 

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