Optimize stock and checkout management 

The retailer of the future is focused on enhancing all the steps in the customer journey. This includes optimizing receipt and stock management processes to ensure customers always have a positive in-store experience.

Point of Sales (POS) solution

In-store customer experiences are largely based on the quality of the transaction at the POS (Point of sale). Customers want to be able to easily and quickly take advantage of promotional offers, reimbursements, down payment settlements as well as loyalty benefits. Our POS solution can optimize the checkout process for each customer. It provides the flexibility to choose and structure features with a dynamic interface that fits an organization’s unique needs or constraints. Together, we can customize our POS solution to meet your POS challenges.

Order management services solution

With new consumer behavior patterns and expectations, retailers need to demonstrate creativeness and rigor in managing supplies/stocks and order picking. Our order management services solution provides alerts when specific products are likely to become unavailable. This enables better anticipation of customer order picking and averts losing a sales opportunity. It also offers added features such as allowing commuters the flexibility to order items via a mobile app. For instance, they can place the order while travelling on a train and then collect their purchases on arrival at the station. 
In addition, the solution is designed to connect stocks and manage sales globally across all sales points. For example, sales assistants can trigger a sale at a different store (from where the customer would ultimately like to collect the product) and still handle the payment. This solution can also be linked to call centers to enhance the overall customer experience.

Equip sales assistants with real-time support

In-store sales assistants need to be able easily identify a customer and suggest offers that are tailored to their individual preferences, while at the same time, address customer needs quickly.

Sales assistant solution

The sales assistant solution supports a high degree of personalization by turning sales assistants into personal shoppers with a 360° view of any customer, which includes their identity, current shopping cart, purchase history, promotional offers, etc., through a tablet. The mobile tool allows customers to benefit from customized advice and a seamless and streamlined in-store experience, increasing the average basket and enhancing loyalty.

Store ops solution

Ensuring minimum wait times is key to a good in-store experience. Our store ops solution improves the store team’s responsiveness and enables them to anticipate and fix in-store issues related to customer requests, restocking, etc., quickly and effectively. For example, a customer can request a different size directly from the changing room by simply scanning the item code. The scanned information is then transmitted to the sales assistant, who can immediately manage the request. CGI can help you devise mobile solutions that enable your sales team to provide the best support in real time.