Provide your teams with the best tools

Price and promotion solution

Customers love to be recognized when they enter a store and want a seamless customer experience, whether it’s online or offline. Our price and promotion solution enables you to trigger the right promotional offer for the right customer. With this solution, the customer can be sent a text message recommending a product at a discounted price, and the sales assistant will be able to update the in-store product price instantly. This tool also enables you to run marketing campaigns for promotional offers such as free delivery, birthday discounts, sales alert messages, etc. This price and promotion solution is best used in combination with the Marketing assistant solution.

Marketing assistant solution

Our marketing assistant solution optimizes the scheduling and management of marketing and customer activation campaigns through the year. It works as a powerful tool to drive customer interest in your brand and products by tailoring your prices in-store on the basis of the offers that the customers receive. It is best suited for use with the Price and promotion solution.

Secure customer loyalty    

Loyalty expert solution

Every customer should enjoy a unique purchasing experience and benefit from the same promotional offers and prices across all channels. Our loyalty expert solution enables you to harmonize your loyalty offers regardless of the channel. It optimizes the quality and reliability of your data and enables you to interact with each customer on the basis of his/her individual profile and preferences. It also helps you to build an exclusive relationship by offering customized deals based on your customer’s purchase history and personal data.