Reduce time spent in checkout queues 

Queue management solution

Queues are a key step in the customer journey, with the power to impact the customer experience, as well as reduce sales and conversion rates. However, managing queues efficiently continues to be a challenge for many retailers.  Our queue management solution helps to speed up the checkout process, decentralize payments via mobile solutions and set up virtual queues to offer a seamless customer experience. Our teams work with you to tailor solutions to meet your unique in-store challenges, while addressing your business needs.

Offer customers in-store support

Customers often look for information while walking into stores. This presents an opportunity to improve the in-store experience by offering real-time, personalized and efficient customer interactions. 

Customer mobile solution

Our customer mobile solution is a mobile app that is based on augmented reality and is designed to address each customer’s unique needs. For instance, when a customer scans a product, the app will provide detailed information such as the price, product contents, origin of manufacture and other related information. Based on your specific constraints and goals, our teams can develop the right-fit mobile solutions to help you improve in-store customer support. 

Digital signage solution

Digital signage, such as screens and terminals are new avenues to further engage customers. Our digital signage solution enables the customization of these interactions through the use of video recognition and targeted communication. For instance, when a loyalty card is detected, the screen can display offers designed to interest that particular customer. With CGI, you can create systems using video recognition and customized communication to enrich your customers’ experience.