The Communities section of CGI’s 2019-2020 Insights to Action Report shares representative stories and client testimonials about how CGI collaborates with our clients and uses technology to benefit our local communities.

Corporate social responsibility is part of the essence of who we are—it is built into the CGI dream on which we were founded, and sustained through our values and local operating model. We have a culture of giving and strategically manage our resources to best benefit our professionals, clients, shareholders, communities and the environment.

One of CGI’s strategic goals is for our communities to recognize us as a caring and responsible corporate citizen, and corporate social responsibility is one of our six values.

to create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.

The CGI Dream

CSR innovation in partnership with our clients


In collaboration with our clients — and through the expertise of our consultants — we strive to be a global leader in encouraging and educating more young people to be technically literate, benefiting the well-being of our communities, and supporting environmental sustainability.

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Dream connectors - CGI in our community


Through a unique set of services and solutions, CGI helps our clients issue, harmonize and comply with environmental regulations and develop and maintain sustainable "green" business practices. For more than 35 years, we have worked with clients to identify, monitor, regulate and respond to environmental health and safety risks, reduce energy consumption and conserve natural resources.

  • Environmental and energy solutions to improve compliance, regulatory management and sustainability

  • Green data centers and cloud computing to offer best-in-class and green IT infrastructure services that reduce clients' carbon footprints

  • Document management services that reduce paper by bringing documents into the digital environment and provide sustainable printing options

  • U.S. federal energy and environment IT solutions that include a unique facility optimization and sustainability offering.

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Dream Connectors in our communities

Dream Connectors is a global CGI initiative that advances our ongoing commitment to improving the well-being of our communities through technology and the engagement of our consultants.

Every year, CGI consultants propose Dream Connectors project ideas and a committee selects the best projects for a company-wide vote. Winning projects receive CGI support in the form of technology, funding and volunteers.

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Committed To Ethical Business Practices

Our CSR commitments:

  • To provide our professionals with health, wellness and ownership programs that positively influence their well-being and satisfaction.

  • To partner with our clients to deliver energy and environmental sustainability solutions and to collectively support charitable causes.

  • To support our communities through causes that improve their social, economic and environmental well-being.

  • To improve the environment through environmentally-friendly operating practices, community service activities and green IT offerings.

  • To operate ethically through a strong code of ethics and good corporate governance.

  • To recognize the importance of responsible supply chain management.