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CGI’s Credit and Loss Prevention Consulting team brings a disciplined approach to assessing an organization and optimizing its credit and loss prevention operations.

Ainsely Ward
Ainsley Ward

The impact of ISO 20022 on correspondent banks, part 2

November 23, 2020 In this blog, we address the second challenge—providing dual support for both legacy MT messages and the new MX messages during the transition to ISO 20022.

Whether the goal is to achieve the promise of real time, or meet immediate compliance mandates, financial institutions each must choose their own path for payments transformation. As a trusted advisor for more than 40 years, CGI guides clients along...

Ainsely Ward
Ainsley Ward

The impact of ISO 20022 on correspondent banks, part 1

November 19, 2020 With the global migration to ISO 20022, one of the biggest challenges facing correspondent banks is how to handle the migration from legacy MT messages to new ISO 20022 MX messages within cross-border payment markets. What changes will they need...

Robert Book
Robert Book

Impact of the new ISO 20022 messaging standard on payments infrastructure

November 16, 2020 The payments industry is constantly evolving and has been for decades. Where are we today and why? Let’s take a closer look in light of recent changes—namely, the adoption of the ISO 20022 payment messaging standard.

Charlotta Wark

‘Greenwashing’ is a bad strategy; we need sustainable finance

October 12, 2020 This CGI blog post discusses the need and opportunities for sustainable finance.

As a payment solutions provider, CGI often must explain how we handle the migration from MT messages to ISO 200022 MX messages in high-value and cross-border payment markets. The simplest answer is that we migrate the heritage payment system to...