Focus on space data can help solve critical challenges

With space industry top trends and priorities remaining steady for the last three years, a significant number of executives now say their digital transformation journeys are producing results. Additionally, more executives mention analytics and big data as a top business priority this year—likely reflecting the ever-growing opportunity to use space data to help governments and industries address key challenges like climate change and the road to Net Zero.

Key findings from our conversations with space executives in 2021 follow, or you may download the PDF.

Top trends and industry priorities

Top trends
  1. Protecting through cybersecurity
  2. IT modernization and cloud solutions
  3. Assuring regulatory compliance
Top business priorities
  1. Data analytics and big data
  2. Becoming digital organizations to meet customer expectations
  3. Reducing or reprioritizing spend
Top IT priorities
  1. IT modernization, data center consolidation, cloud
  2. Embrace new IT delivery models (SaaS and PaaS, Agile, etc.)
  3. Protect through cybersecurity


say protecting data and equipment through cybersecurity is important
say they are seeing results from their digital strategies
cite data analytics and big data as their top business priority

Space industry executives indicate accelerated progress in producing results from digitization strategies, with 31% citing such results. Of these digital leaders, common attributes include being more sensitive to data-privacy laws and regulations, feeling more strongly that environmental sustainability is core to creating value for customers and being better at introducing applicable innovation. Learn more about the attributes of digital leaders.