Are you ready to be data-driven?

As transformation efforts within the manufacturing industry ramp up, manufacturing leaders are looking to unlock the transformative power of data to successfully address new market realities and drive smart, sustainable and resilient operations.

In our four-part Expert Webinar Series, CGI experts, clients and partners present their perspectives on what it means to be a Data-Driven Manufacturing organization, sharing advice, best practices and inspiration to ensure success.

Each webinar is 60 minutes long, with 50 mins for discussion and 10 minutes for Q&A. Register to reserve your place or watch on demand.

Data management and manufacturing success

June 1, 2023 (10-11 a.m. ET) (4-5 p.m. CET)

Ensuring data is fit for purpose and aligned to business objectives requires an informed approach across the complete data life cycle—from creation to end-of-life. The data life cycle, or data flow, will connect data to different users, activities and business processes, enabling oversight and transparency of the full data journey.

Manufacturers operate within complex environments with multiple business units, different machines and evolving value chains. How can manufacturers manage all their data streams effectively to overcome the complexity barrier?

CGI experts:

  • Helena Jochberger, Vice President, Global Industry Lead Manufacturing:
  • Drew McMullen, Vice President, Clean Data Practice
  • Kristen Leone, Director Consulting, Trusted Fabric

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Is your manufacturing enterprise operating intelligently?

June 15, 2023 (10-11 a.m. ET) (4-5 p.m. CET)

Enterprise intelligence is your organization’s ability to turn context-relevant data into actionable insights that drive business value, be it new growth opportunities, better customer experience or lower costs. But where do you start?

What are the opportunities, where should manufacturers invest, and how can they ramp up and deliver at scale?

CGI experts:

  • Helena Jochberger, Vice President, Global Industry Lead Manufacturing
  • Alexander Lepp, Director Consulting Expert, Head of Analytics and AI Scandinavia
  • Bruno Trebucq, Director Consulting Expert, Digital Twins France

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The how and why of getting your people data ready

June 29, 2023 (10-11 a.m. ET) (4-5 p.m. CET)

A data-first mindset is critical to building trust and ensuring ROI on your data investment. Whether a small initiative or a large transformation program, a structured approach helps effectively manage the human side of change.

Initiatives underpinned by a data-first culture and excellent change management strategies have a higher chance of meeting their objectives and supporting successful transformation.

What can manufacturing organizations do to create an environment where data and innovation are embedded in the culture while attracting and retaining talent that brings this culture to life?

CGI experts:

  • Helena Jochberger, Vice President, Global Industry Lead Manufacturing:
  • Fokke Van Houten, Director Consulting Expert, Manufacturing Centre of Excellence Netherlands
  • Assia Stoyanova, Director Consulting Expert, Culture and Change Management, US

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