Turning insights into action
In 2019, as presented in our CGI Client Global Insights, we spoke in person with more than 1,550 executives across 10 industries to gather their perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises. CGI’s Insights to Action report presents the insights executives shared during these conversations and the actions we are taking to help clients achieve business outcomes in a faster and more holistic way.

Network-enhanced. Customer-focused. Automated.
CGI helps communications service providers, including 5 of the top 10 globally, accelerate their digital transformation to gain and retain customers, develop new revenue streams and reduce costs. Our 5,000+ communications consultants focus on the end-to-end needs of our clients as they move to more customer-centric business models and seek to achieve operational excellence in the digital age.

Client insights. CGI action.
This year, we met face-to-face with 75 communications executives to learn about their top trends, priorities and challenges.

Client insights CGI action table
What we heard from clients How we partner to help them succeed
Industry trends: Becoming digital to meet customer expectations and intensifying network investment to increase satisfaction and revenue Implementing strategies and technologies for flexible and efficient systems that help clients meet customer demand with speed-to-market
Business priorities: Improving the customer experience and optimizing operations to stay relevant in a competitive market Leveraging consulting and managed IT and business process services to improve operations and meet growing customer expectations
IT priorities: Digitizing and automating business processes to deliver a better end-to-end customer experience and reduce costs Providing IT modernization and integrating emerging technologies to digitize and automate complex business processes


Download the snapshot to see examples of how we partner with communications clients. Also learn more about our end-to-end services and solutions consulting, systems integration and managed IT and business process services, combined with CGI’s enabling intellectual property  for communications service providers.