Since 1989, CGI has offered complete vehicle pre-insurance and physical damage inspection services in both the U.S. and Canada through Checkpoint. Checkpoint's extensive network of inspection sites, all with high-speed access capabilities, help insurers reduce costs, improve customer service, streamline operations and drive competitive advantage.

NEW - Checkpoint 2.0 for the U.S.

CGI is pleased to introduce in the U.S. an automated, online and secure version of Checkpoint—Checkpoint 2.0. Checkpoint 2.0 offers complete pre-insurance and physical damage inspection processing for U.S. insurers seeking to improve their efficiencies and bottom line.

Through our extensive inspection site network and Checkpoint 2.0, inspection forms can be immediately emailed to the insured, as mandated by certain states. In addition, electronic copies of inspection reports and digital photographs can be maintained and easily accessed.

Why Checkpoint 2.0?

With Checkpoint 2.0, insurers benefit from the following competitive advantages:

  • Low-cost provider: Checkpoint 2.0 is a low-cost solution for managing vehicle pre-insurance and physical damage inspections, enabling insurers to improve their bottom line.
  • Fast turnaround time: Checkpoint 2.0 provides on-the-spot inspections, as well as immediate access to inspection reports and data by both the insured and our clients.
  • Highest quality control standards: Checkpoint 2.0’s online editing of inspection data, automated VIN validation and enhanced alert notifications all work together to ensure the highest level of accuracy and integrity of vehicle inspection data.

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 To learn more about Checkpoint or Checkpoint 2.0, call 1-800-828-8377 (U.S.) or 1-888-424-5768 (Canada). For information on CGI’s other insurance solutions, please contact us.