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Fact sheet: our expertise in cloud computing

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Cloud adoption

Helping a large telecom firm rapidly deploy a new remote cloud contact center

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CGI’s Cloud Transformation Offerings

To help you become truly cloud-enabled and get the full value from your cloud adoption, we bring together cloud capabilities that provide you with the capacity, expertise, accelerators and latest solutions from an ecosystem of proven partners.

Whether you are Cloud-curious, or scaling Cloud adoption across your organization, we can meet you at any point in your Business, IT and Cloud transformation journeys, including hybrid and multi-cloud settings.

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Strategize & Plan

Create or validate your Cloud strategy to continuously realize value from Cloud investments

Cloud Assessments 

Build your confidence in securely migrating workloads to Cloud by creating an effective Cloud strategy, a Cloud readiness index, better understand Cloud costs (FinOps) and identify the right Cloud technology partner

Cloud Roadmaps +

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Business Strategy Impact Analysis+

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Setting up your Cloud landing zone +

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Bring your cloud strategy to life

Deploy net new environments +

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Migrate existing apps

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Develop new cloud based apps +

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Modernise Enterprise apps +

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Scale Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation +

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Run & Improve

Redefine the role of Operations in the Cloud and maximize the returns on your Cloud investments

Optimize cloud services +

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Hybrid cloud management +

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Managed Cloud Services+

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Cloud DevOps +

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Cloud AlOps +

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Cloud Security

CGI Client Global Insights

Cloud Governance Modernization

Review and realign governance to support Cloud at scale through automated policy enforcement and transparent compliance reporting.

Innovation at CGI

Cloud Security Enablement

Establish repeatable security patterns and guardrails to prevent security breeches and minimize the blast radius.

Insights to Action

Cloud Security Coaching & Advisory

Leverage our experts to help identify Cloud-first security technologies, integrations and processes.

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