The most important foundation underlying the oil and gas industry is the land upon which energy resources are explored, discovered and produced. Management of land and associated assets can be the “make or break” factor in the success of an upstream company. Tracking ownership details and maximizing the use of land and other assets is critical, and technology plays an important role.

CGI’s LandMan solution is a comprehensive suite of land and asset management solutions built specifically to manage oil and gas surface and mineral assets. It provides a seamless flow of critical data from source to business user, enabling faster, smarter decision making. LANDMan empowers your staff to become more effective land administrators, enabling your business to maximize its asset use and profit-generation.

LandMan features

LandMan offers the following features to ensure effective and competitive land management:

  • Comprehensive set of legal survey systems and true structured rights
  • Extensive query and project capabilities to filter and manage data
  • Quality audits, automatic linking of records and extensive reporting
  • Support for deep and shallow rights reversion programs
  • Link to major mapping tools and industry accounting applications
  • Generation and formatting of rental invoice information to interface with industry accounting packages
  • Integration and reconciliation modules that can be activated with minimal cost and effort

LandMan’s comprehensive features support any business scenario. Exportable custom reports can be created based on any fields in the system. In addition, with a wide variety of switches and settings, LandMan can be fine-tuned to meet your unique needs without expensive customization.

LandMan offers a variety of deployment options—from single desktop systems to complex server configurations. CGI also provides hosting for the system.

The suite is supported by a knowledgeable and accessible help desk, and user training is available onsite or via a CGI training lab.

LandMan benefits

LandMan is driving the following competitive advantages for CGI’s upstream clients:

  • Cross-department data sharing through integration with other back-office applications, such as accounting and drilling
  • Greater data transparency and insight
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced administrative errors and costs
  • Reduced demands on internal IT staff
  • Fail-safe business continuity with an offsite backup
  • Maximized output and revenue from land and other assets