Applying Cloud, Advanced Analytics/AI, and Cybersecurity to Achieve Holistic Business Value

    Transforming the value chain in banking industry

    Today, Open finance is transforming the traditional value chain and business model of banking and other financial services providers throughout the world. New and tailored products, services, and capabilities are created, leveraging new data sources and enabled by data sharing, to give unprecedented customer insights and opportunities for hyper-contextualized personalization.

    New entrants, such as Fintechs, reimagined brands and services backed by incumbent institutions, and non-financial service players all participate within a rich ecosystem of the digital economy. Data is the new corporate asset and resource to fuel product and service innovations for today and beyond.

    • What is your action plan regarding Open Finance implementation?
    • How much time do you spend understanding your client needs around new data services ?
    • What would be the consequences of an outage or a data breach with your Open Finance ecosystem?
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    How we can help

    We see Open finance as a continuous journey of product innovation, service improvement, and customer experience and value enhancement for our clients – and CGI is the ideal partner and advisor on the journey.

    We have the experience, expertise, insights, and capabilities to help guide our clients anywhere on the Open finance journey.

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    The value our consultants deliver

    As a global IT Services provider, CGI has many years of Open Finance experience, expertise, and a track record of helping financial institutions be successful in an Open Finance world.

    Industry experience

    Expert industry knowledge, approaches to help co-create and evolve the client’s vision and strategy – balancing vision and high-level strategy with practical business roadmaps, operating models and customer services that will drive value.

    Technical expertise

    Deep Open Finance technical knowledge, development and testing tools to accelerate the client’s ability to participate in Open Finance – balancing technology potential with enterprise delivery

    IP Solutions and Operational excellence


    An Open Finance IP platform that can provide everything a client needs or augment their existing capabilities to fill any gaps – which is delivered as a SaaS offering – or Open Finance as a Service / Platform.

    An API Starter Kit that provides all of the standard APIs required as well as complete API sets used for complex functions – to accelerate the clients ability to not only participate in Open Finance, but to introduce new product and service offerings to their customers.

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    Strategy Development

    • Business modelling, use cases selection
    • Target Operating Model
    • Change Management
    • Horizon Scan
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    Readiness and Assessment

    • API Availability & Security
    • Impact Analysis
    • Regulatory Requirements
    • Partnerships / Innovation
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    Customer Facing Services

    • Value-Added Services
    • Partnerships / Innovation
    • Customer Experience
    • Human Centric Service Design
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    Technology and Infratructure

    • API Management
    • API Security
    • API Gateway
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    Data Services

    • Sustainability management: Using agile Access
    • Analysis
    • Preparation
    • Customer Presentment