Delivering valuable business insight

In a world of uncertainty and economic challenges, data and analytics have become critical to survive. The importance of monitoring and measuring the performance of an organization, understanding customer behavior, and complying with regulatory demands is evident. Well-implemented data and analytics solutions deliver competitive advantage to an organization. Conversely, organizations that do not use information effectively to guide decision making are at a distinct disadvantage, and the gap will only grow wider.

This white paper provides a guide to the world of data and analytics, discussing how organizations can leverage the power of big data to improve and innovate, reach their objectives, and outperform their competition. We demonstrate the potential business value and key challenges to overcome, illustrated with best practices from CGI client engagements. We also define the core capabilities needed to succeed with data and analytics initiatives.

CGI’s Data2Diamonds approach is applied every day by a vibrant worldwide community of professionals in their work with clients and partners. It is an active knowledge base for clients, partners and CGI members. We look forward to helping you transform your data to diamonds.