Moving money with greater agility and confidence

Customer demands fueled by m-commerce and other disruptive technologies and players are driving rapid innovation and increasing competitive pressure on financial institutions.

Many are falling behind the curve due to aging and disparate legacy systems that have countless interfaces and duplicate processes. Since payment systems are at the heart of the institution, processing billions and even trillions of dollars each day, failure to move toward a modernized platform is not an option.

Pursuing the right transformation path for these mission-critical systems and processes, while ensuring 24/7 uptime, requires a partner with deep expertise, the right approach and proven solutions. Based on nearly 40 years of experience in implementing more than 80 payment solutions globally, CGI has developed its CGI Payments360 portfolio to help financial institutions develop strategies to move money smarter, while preserving existing investments and gaining the agility to adapt rapidly. 

CGI Payments360 is an integrated portfolio of solutions and services developed by CGI specifically to support transformation across the payment life cycle. It offers a modern and flexible approach for improving:

CGI 360 payments bank table
  • Multi-entity payment processing
  • Financial messaging
  • Liquidity management
  • Watch list filtering

CGI Payments360 helps banks:

  • Increase agility to react, streamline operations, and enable new customer product strategies through better workflow and data access
  • Modernize systems and processes while protecting investments and maintaining mission-critical operations
  • Mitigate exposure, improve compliance
  • Reduce costs and focus on their core business (vs. back-office operations) using a managed services approach


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