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The competitive landscape in the communications industry has changed from one of minimal competition, where traditional communication service providers (CSPs) had a monopoly in designated functional and geographical areas, to one of heavy competition where traditional CSPs are competing against one another and against a multitude of new, agile CSPs.

The focus on agility, creativity and low cost of ownership is becoming critical in an age where a competitive offering is just a mouse click away for a user.

As competition increases due to expanding service overlap among all CSPs and due to potential overlap among CSP products embracing the cloud, the ability to introduce competitive products is key. The journey has just begun, and the transition from traditional legacy telecom providers to agile CSPs providing next generation services has ramifications in all phases of the transformation. Each phase is impacted by the current competitive environment, and CSPs and their partners need to take this into account.

This paper discusses strategies and recommendations for CSPs to navigate this increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. The approach outlined is likely to force traditional CSPs out of their comfort zone. However, in this age, this is a prerequisite for success.  

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