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Centre d'excellence mondial CGI dédié à la transformation digitale de la supply chain manufacturing


CGI’s innovative strategies and solutions enable manufacturers to transform from product-centric to customer-centric businesses by helping them embark on their Industry 4.0 journey and supporting their transformation end to end.


Oil & Gas

CGI helps oil and gas companies across the globe optimize operations to drive operational efficiency and excellence, offering innovative ways to reinvent their business to address growing revenue pressures and new market challenges.



Transportation and logistics move our world. Increasingly, we expect sustainable, reliable, fast and cost-effective travel for both people and goods. CGI helps clients digitally transform to move smarter.

We combine our own and partner software with high-end consulting, systems integration, business process and IT outsourcing services that transform end-to-end finance operations and deliver results.

We collaborate closely with clients to help them to help them achieve specific objectives, as well as in implementing broad transformation programs across their supply chain operations:

Supply Chain Optimization and Management

Drive efficiencies, cost savings and profitability through supply chain optimization end to end covering planning, purchasing, warehouse and transport management, sales and service.

Customer experience through data analytics

Business Intelligence, (real-time) data management and analytics to improve user & customer engagement, stock management, develop Ecommerce solutions.


Increase safety and mobility in public space and improve citizen experience with integrated management of public space (IBOR).

IoT (M2M)

Improve business processes with predictive maintenance, manage, optimize, and monetize sensor and machine data. Helping clients implement Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms to connect assets and enable the technology behind IoT.

IT Modernization/Digitization

We work with clients to transform their existing applications to reduce their cost of ownership and fulfill their strategic objectives.


Deliver dashboards and analysis where people need them.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Manufacturers are looking to enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility and better predict supply and demand. CGI helps clients achieve these goals by maximizing the combined benefits of MES and Industry 4.0 to gather rich insight for operational excellence, continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.

  • CGI was selected by Solvay to modernize and harmonize its entire information services division, Solvay Business Services.

  • We deliver Business Intelligence services to a large automotive group in Belgium.

  • We deliver the analysis and solution design for e-invoicing to a well-known automotive brand.

  • We deliver a SAP managed service to one of the seven biggest oil and gas companies to support their e-Procurement activities.

Related Solutions


CGI Atlas360

CGI Atlas360 provides a cost-efficient, global contact center network leveraging fully integrated Software as a Service (SaaS). The solution offers omni-channel customer relationship management as well as business process services where seamless integration is essential.

CGI Unify360

CGI Unify360 provides the unified IT platform, consulting services, frameworks and practices needed to understand an organization’s entire IT portfolio, create cohesive strategies that align IT to business objectives, and maximize IT investments as a result.


Data2Diamonds is CGI’s methodology for design and implementation of big data analytics solutions. The essential idea is that data contains valuable insights (“diamonds”) that can produce business improvements when put to work.