CGI offers services and solutions across the energy & utilities industry, including electricity, natural gas and water. We are proud to support major utilities in Belgium, including DGO’s and suppliers.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Improve the management and control of assets, work and resources with accurate, real-time asset information to create a dynamic, holistic and detailed picture of your operations.

Central Markets

We have an in-depth understanding of the market regulations. CGI delivers UMIG analysis and testing services to the major suppliers, DGO’s and the Central Market System.

Production / Generation

CGI’s award-winning Renewables Management System (RMS) is a solution providing a mobile platform to monitor and control the management and control of wind, hydro, photovoltaic and other renewable energy power plants, real-time and remotely. With RMS, CGI controls more than 7,000 turbines on 600 wind farms in nine countries across the globe.

Network Operations - Smart meters

Improving network operations with innovative grid, meter and data technologies to cut operating costs, improve service quality and promote energy efficiency.

Customer Service

Transforming Customer Service with innovative technologies (Chatbots, Salesforce) to create better customer experience/customer-centric services to respond to customers’ wants and (digital) needs to stay competitive.

Water leakage management

Real-time monitoring with Asset and Resource Management (ARM).

Improve Operational Excellence

Improve Operational Excellence with real-time visibility and monitoring of business operations and processes, based on SAP OPI.


Use of Robotic Process Automation to automate rules based, high-volume business and IT processes (Automation-as-a-Service). 


  • Automation (including robotic process automation)
  • Asset & Resource Management
  • Smart meters
  • Legacy modernization
  • Protect the Business
  • Central Markets
  • Internet Of Things
  • Renewable Management System

  • We partner with 10+ energy clients in Belgium.

  • CGI is part of Flexity, a consortium to enable end-consumers to contribute in the energy transition. More on

  • CGI delivers UMIG analysis and testing services to the major suppliers, DGO’s and the Belgian Central Market System.

  • We collaborate with energy provider ENGIE to manage and expand their Salesforce applications.

  • We are using RPA technology to automate daily repetitive and manual tasks in the domain of collections, care and billing at ENGIE.

  • Together with SPIE Belgium, we modernize the remote management of highway lighting within the Flemish Region, using CGI's IBOR platform.

  • We manage mission-critical systems for a major DGO in Belgium.

  • We have built and implemented a virtual service agent for a large utility provider in Belgium. 

  • We have long-term outsourcing relationships with clients such as EDP (Portugal, Spain, Brazil, U.S.), Elexon (UK), and EDF and GDF Suez (France).

  • CGI has used predictive analytics and visualization software to improve leak detection and prediction for a major water supplier in the Netherlands.

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ARM Suite

CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite is a business tool box that can be applied as an entire suite or as individual components. It offers organizational control over asset, work, resource and field processes and provides for the collection of critical operational data.

Renewables Management System (RMS)

An integrated technology platform that centralizes and optimizes the operations of renewable energy producers, providing extensive real-time monitoring, control and operational performance management capabilities.

Innovative Solutions for the Public Space

IBOR, integrated management of public space, connects all the dynamic objects in public space. IBOR gives you control over the objects in the public space such as street lighting, bridges, road barriers and traffic lights, into a single platform.

Central energy management system

A smart grid management system that limits power grid imbalances by monitoring home energy usage to help residents make better choices with regard to their energy consumption.