Recognising the difficulties that parents face when balancing remote working and childcare during the Covid-19 pandemic, CGI offers weekly STEM based activity packs that you can do at home with your children. The activities are aimed at students aged 6-14, but everyone can get involved!

Activities will encompass all aspects of STEM, including coding, environmental sustainability and robotics. There will be a range of activities each week, involving activities with technical, practical and physical elements.

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Resource Pack 11

This pack looks at how travel impacts business and our day to day lives. Code a flag quiz, design the cars of the future and complete a travel word search.

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Coding and Design

Resource Pack 1

This pack looks at two very important STEM skills; Coding and Design. Your tasks are to code your own racing game using Scratch and design your own STEM Superhero!

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Resource Pack 2

This pack looks at Robotics. Whilst learning about robotics and the important role they play in our everyday lives, learn how to design, build and control your own robot!

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The Environment

Resource Pack 3

This pack looks at the Environment and the key issues that face our planet. Design your own eco-school, create your own environment magazine and go on a nature hunt!

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Sport and Healthy Living

Resource Pack 4

This pack looks at sport and healthy living. Code your own sports games, create a healthy living poster for children and develop your own home exercise routine!

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Resource Pack 5

This pack looks at engineering and how it impacts our everyday lives. Code your own tech toys, design and build a bridge and go on an engineering hunt!

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Resource Pack 6

This pack looks at space and exploring our solar system. Create a virtual game world with Scratch, conduct a space research project and make your own model satellite!

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Resource Pack 7

This pack looks at the ways in which we communicate. Complete online safety activities, learn how to read and write in Morse Code and play STEM ‘Who Am I?’.

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Resource Pack 8

This pack looks at science and how it impacts the world around us. Code your own memory game, conduct home chemistry experiments and play the Big Science Crossword!

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Art and Design

Resource Pack 9

This pack looks at how art and design impacts everyday life. Code a virtual birthday card, complete your first graphic design assignment and draw your favourite STEM designs.

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New Technologies

Resource Pack 10

This pack looks at new technologies and how they impact the world around us. Create a robot to build the schools of the future, build your own home projector and make a virtual rocket!

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