Utility network operators require real-time decision making to ensure effective operation of the grid. As electricity networks become increasingly complex with the move to decarbonization, access to quality data is vital to ensure the safe automation needed for smart grids. Attaining a holistic view of the network is imperative to stay competitive. CGI’s OpenGrid Foundation, part of our CGI OpenGrid360 suite, enables a single view of a utility’s network through master data management and integration.

Changing market dynamics

Utilities require access to data from multiple systems to enable a smart grid as the market undergoes enormous change. Power is coming into the grid from many different points via distributed energy resources (DERs). Electric vehicles (EVs) soon will be the dominant consumer choice, and prosumers are changing customer relationships from one-way to two-way.

The data imperative

Today, separate core systems for asset management, geographic information and distribution management provide disparate views of the same assets, and with varying data quality. In order to operate the future grid effectively, utilities need complete and accurate visibility of their network, as well as of the potential external assets that will affect the grid. Data-driven insight also is imperative to compete with disruptive market entrants who are adept at using data to deliver a highly personalized customer experience. While some utilities are centralizing unstructured data into data lakes, they also will need to integrate those sources with data across their core systems to make faster decisions and share data with internal and external systems and stakeholders in a complex ecosystem.

Bringing it all together

The CGI OpenGrid Foundation provides a network reference model and integration layer to enable a single view of a utility’s network across IT and operational technology (OT) systems. The solution is part of our CGI OpenGrid360 suite, co-developed with large network operators as part of our work on UK smart grids innovation programs, for example. CGI OpenGrid360 solutions and services are designed to help network operators improve data insight and accelerate innovation to meet the evolving demands of the new energy system.

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