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An integrated, end-to-end approach to collections

As delinquencies rise, inefficient and outdated collection systems can impede performance, innovation and growth. CGI Collections360 turns delinquencies into recoveries by providing a full suite of software, business processes and IT support that evolve with your business and customers.





Powered by CACS

Default management software

A single, integrated offering for all default management processes powered by CACS Enterprise. Advanced workflow features maximize the effectiveness of strategies for internal collection and recovery and outside agency management and speeds the collections and recovery of impaired accounts.

Flexible approach

Hosting / application management

Application hosting and management services that provide access to application and infrastructure expertise, enable fast time to market for business changes, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Enhanced experience

Multi-channel and 24x7 customer self-service

Improves the customer experience by offering communications through preferred channels—SMS, email, web, IVR, dialer—driving customers to an organization’s web portal for making a promise to pay or payment.

Reduced risk

Compliance practice

Focuses on the changing regulatory environment, ensuring your operations are current with the latest industry standards and requirements.

Instant connection

Gateway partner network

Connects to third-party data sources, including credit bureaus, and facilitates data management.

Insight driven

Performance analytics

Covers all key areas of agent, agency, compliance, strategy, financial and third party performance, including reporting templates tailored to all user groups, allows detailed analysis and investigation through transactional, account and agent-level information.

In-depth expertise

Operations management, systems implementation and consulting

Professional services to manage our client implementations, provide high-level consulting and more.


Full business process operations

Cost-effective outsourcing approach for running a full-service collections operation.