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What is the MES Product Survey ?

For the past 17 years, we have tracked the latest trends in manufacturing execution systems (MES) through our MES Product Survey*. This year, 66 suppliers from around the world told us about their services, products, technologies, quality efforts and focus areas.

Despite mergers and acquisitions in the MES market, the response this year is higher than in previous years of the survey

Why an MES survey?

Today, there are more technologies and solutions to choose from than ever before. So, while MES buyers now have far more options from which to choose, they also face greater challenge in finding the right solution.

What’s in it for you?

Our clients and business partners eagerly look forward to the survey, because it provides clear product overviews and insights into market developments. We hope this survey helps you shortlist and choose the right solutions from among the multitude of suppliers.

CGI’s Manufacturing Atlas

Providing the right information, in the right format, at the right moment, to the right person is crucial for enabling integrated decision-making and execution. Relevant, connected and aligned performance insight for all roles is created through personalized dashboards. This supports knowledgeable, integral decisionmaking, which results in operational and business performance improvement.

It is all about visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain and manufacturing process. CGI’s Manufacturing Atlas approach ensures alignment between your manufacturing IT, supply chain, manufacturing strategy optimization programs and daily processes. Areas such as application landscape, master data ownership, and strategic scenarios are mapped on the business function model to create transparency and understanding.