Bill Shelly

Bill has 35+ years of experience in the electric transmission and distribution utility industry. This includes multiple senior roles for one of the best-performing electric utility companies. He is a recognized expert in many areas of electric distribution operations, including construction, contracting, resource management, design, scheduling, and labor relations. Bill was the system emergency preparedness resource and logistics chief for 16 years during more than 10 tropical events, including Hurricanes Isabel, Irene, Sandy, Charlie and Wilma.

Joining CGI in 2018, Bill’s areas of focus include event management and restoration processes, work management, scheduling, dispatch and mobile implementations. He is responsible for providing emerging solutions, consulting and process improvement offerings related to the utility industry. He also is the solution lead for CGI’s STORM Manager, which is part of the CGI OpenGrid Workforce portfolio.

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October 7, 2020 With the need to address more frequent large-scale severe weather events, many utilities are pursuing a common digital platform to manage such activities and processes around resources, logistics and financials, as well as work and situation awareness. 

Key strategies and technologies to help utilities respond to a “storm” never seen before

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