Airports today are facing increasing competition, security and safety concerns, government regulation, and passenger expectations. At the same time, they’re under pressure to keep prices low and quality high.

Efficient airport operations management is critical to staying ahead of the competition. CGI’s GO Airport Operations Suite provides a comprehensive technology and business platform for optimizing airport operations management, enabling airports to drive both performance and profitability.


The demands of a modern airport require a robust and intelligent information system for managing operational processes and activities. CGI provides such a system through GO. Built by experienced airport operations experts, GO is an airport operations database (AODB) that manages all aspects of an airport’s daily operations.

Key features include the following:

  • Global view of operations, including accurate and complete information on every flight, resource and operations area
  • Fully customizable public information capabilities to keep passengers and other stakeholders informed of flight and other key information  Full integration with a wide range of airport systems, including RMS, FIDS, CUTE, CUSS, ATC, A-CDM, BHS, (V-)DGS and DCS 
  •  Graphical displays providing “big picture” views and a dynamic , user friendly, “drag and drop” interface
  • Multi-airport, multi-device and multi-language support
  • Full reporting capabilities and built-in operational dashboard
  • Exception display that highlights resource allocation conflicts and information gaps.

GO is also fully customizable and can be integrated with almost any airport infrastructure.