Health insurance exchange

Creating competitive marketplaces for greater coverage

A health insurance exchange (HIX), or health benefits exchange (HBE), is an online marketplace for purchasing and enrolling in various health plans. CGI is performing state-based exchange implementation work in several states and was part of the team delivering these solutions to the federal government.

Because exchanges must provide many different functions, the soundest approaches bring together expertise and best practices in federal and state health programs, commercial insurance, data exchange, portals, e-commerce over the cloud, and financial management. CGI brings all of this expertise to the table, along with direct experience in developing sustainable HIX programs. We also have subject matter experts tracking best practices for state HIX and integrated eligibility systems across the United States.

CGI’s extensive portfolio of HIX solutions includes:

  • CGI Health Insurance Exchange360® (HIX360) for state-based exchanges, addressing both individual and small business requirements and using CGI’s secure government cloud
  • Support for state-partnership exchanges using components of our HIX360 solution
  • Integrated eligibility systems (IES) to modernize determination and enrollment processes
  • Sustainability models based on our successful multi-state consortium for EHR incentive payments

CGI also offers services and guidance to health payers, including Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OPs).