CGI Collections360 capabilities

An integrated, end-to-end approach to collections management

CGI Collections360 is a comprehensive managed services approach to collections that combines software, business processes and IT services to manage and improve the collections life cycle for commercial and government organizations across the globe. CGI Collection360’s configurable framework and supporting technology covers the entire default process—from pre to post charge-off.

With CGI Collections360, your organization has everything it needs to run a high-performance, results-driven collections operation.

Default management software

  • Single, integrated platform of software that manages all default management processes
  • Platform combines CGI-built applications with client-selected software
  • CGI-built applications include:
    • CACS Enterprise (collections recovery): advanced workflow to improve the effectiveness of collections and recovery treatments and speed up the collection of impaired accounts, resulting in reduced costs and credit losses
    • Strata Enterprise (decision management): allows organizations to develop, execute, measure and experiment with various customer treatment strategies across the relationship cycle
    • Web Promises (online collections): low-cost approach for collecting payments 24x7, offering customers a self-service portal that can be used at their convenience and without confrontation.
    • CGI Gateway360 (third-party vendor management): single gateway for collaborating with third-party vendors, improving treatment decisions and performance through better communication and faster access to third-party data and intelligence
    • CGI Connect (omni-channel management): advanced analytics to optimize customer channel setup based on customer preferences, past customer behavior, cost considerations, risk, delinquency levels and more.

Full business process operations

  • First- and third-party collections
  • Selective outsourcing for specialty operations
  • Onshore and offshore call centers

Operations management and consulting

  • Management of key business processes, including:
    • Strategy design and implementation
    • Risk scoring and segmentation
    • Compliance
    • Quality assurance
    • Training
    • Business intelligence analytics and reporting

Systems implementation and consulting

A proven methodology for on-time, on-budget delivery and access to expert systems implementation advice.

Application hosting and management

Application hosting in our data center or yours, with a variety of services for managing and improving your applications.

Multi-channel and 24x7 customer self-service

  • Multiple, customer-preferred channels, including:
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Online
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Phone
  • 24x7 customer self-service

Regulatory compliance

  • Software designed to support and improve compliance
  • State and federal regulatory expertise
  • Focused consulting services

Gateway partner network

  • Instant access to bureaus, scores and skip tracing tools
  • Management of third-party DCA and legal networks